“Get a skill that no one can take away from you.”

Our corporate vision statement boils down to two words- Exceed expectations.  When you exceed a customer’s expectations, you’ve made a friend who’s not hesitant to talk about the quality service they received.  When an employee exceeds his own expectations, he feels rewarded and wants to learn more about the trade he has chosen for a career.

At Garage Door Company of Sikeston, we’re not looking for people who want a job, we’re looking for someone who wants learn a skill and exceed expectations by doing quality work and growing as a member of our team.

As an employer, we offer a wage based on experience, 90% contribution to health insurance premiums, paid vacation, personal days, and five days federal holiday pay.  We provide some company clothing and a clothing allowance for other items.

If you want to learn a skill that allows you to grow in a career and exceed expectations, then click the link below and submit an application to us.  Worthy applicants will be called for a personal interview.

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