2" Strut

U-shaped bar running the length of the door to reinforce door against wind and sagging.  Not all doors require reinforcing struts.


Aluminum extrusion for astragal

Profiles vary for shiplap or tongue-in-groove doors


3" astragal priced per foot

Weatherseal for door meeting the floor- profiles vary by manufacturer

Door Insulation

Vinyl-Backer Insulation

1 7/16" thick polystyrene with protective white vinyl sheet

2" PVC Door Stop

Manufactured in colors to match garage doors

Door perimeter seals nailed to door jamb to prevent wind infiltration

5/32" Residential Cables

Cut to specified length

Typically used on doors 475 to 750 pounds

1/8" Door Cables

1/8" cable set (Cut to specified length)

Galavanized aircraft cable requires button stop and sleeve to make set

Used for door up to 475 pounds